• The Renaissance of the Family Advisor

    Celebrating the spirit of the Renaissance, Florence Capital Advisors presents a fresh model in wealth management: resource-rich, innovative, transparent.

  • Differentiated investment solutions

    As an independent firm, we offer a tailored approach to creating custom portfolios designed to capitalize on our ability to source unique opportunities from around the globe.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    -Leonardo Da Vinci Simplifying the investment process is a hallmark of our unique approach.

  • Comprehensive Wealth Strategies

    From tax-favored investing to raising capital, our insight and network prove essential in today’s markets.

  • A Culture of Collaboration and Trust

    Because we consider each client a partner, we ensure each an elite experience.


Reflecting the spirit of Florence, Italy as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence Capital Advisors offers clients a fresh and innovative wealth management model characterized by exceptional advisory skill, unique investment opportunities, and attentive client service. Whether growing capital or protecting and preserving wealth, we provide clients with deep expertise and an extensive network of opportunity to facilitate the achievement of their most important financial goals.

Florence Capital Advisors seeks to provide an enhanced, client-focused business model within the wealth management industry represented by advanced thought leadership, extensive reach, and innovation. Celebrating the birthplace of this era with its moniker, Florence Capital Advisors will come to signify the renaissance of the family wealth advisor through an enlightened and progressive approach to achieving exceptional service and performance for our clients.


We are your advisor, but as critical, your collaborator in all things important to achieving your financial goals. As such, trust, absolute objectivity and integrity are cornerstones of our relationship as your fiduciary.


With nearly 15 years of experience, Founder and CEO Greg Hersch has established himself as a renowned money manager and wealth advisor, offering proven expertise for clients seeking to grow capital, as well as for those looking to protect capital and preserve wealth. The firm is especially adept at effecting tax-efficient planning strategies, helping entrepreneurs raise early stage growth capital and advising owners on financial impacts of sale, merger or initial public offering of their companies.


We have the ability to source unique investment opportunities for clients through an established, expansive – and now growing – network of opportunity. Direct access to the industry’s full complement of financial products and services enables us to offer our clients opportunities in all the world’s major capital markets, private markets and from leading financial, advisory and professional services firms. Capitalizing on a vast network of connections in the world of finance ensures clients access to the most sophisticated thought leaders and specialized finance professionals in the industry today.


Because we are independent advisors, our recommendations are objective, transparent and free from outside influence. As fiduciaries, we hold our clients’ interests first and foremost above everything else we do. The philosophy we embrace in forging our clients’ financial plans is no different from that which we apply to our own.


One of the key reasons for independence is to be free of corporate limitations and able to focus completely and exclusively on client well-being. Florence Capital Advisors places an emphasis on elite service, the capacity to listen to our clients, translate their needs into structured solutions and execute flawlessly for long-term performance.


As our relationships last for years, so does our investment approach. Our goal is to design strategies and diversify portfolios to reduce risk, enhance return and maximize stability over the long-term. We believe the best strategies are those that are thoughtful and forward looking, measured not in days or months, but in years.

A new model in individual wealth and investment management

To provide highly attentive wealth management services, including a comprehensive range of compelling investment and advisory solutions, which strive to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns throughout a market cycle.

Supported by our rigorous and disciplined due diligence process, we present clients only the most attractive opportunities across the investment spectrum. As an independent firm, we have built a platform that is highly differentiated and transparent. In all we do, we promise clients unconditional objectivity, integrity, and alignment of interests.

Gregory A. Hersch, CIMA®

Founder and CEO
575 5th Avenue, Floor 15
New York, N.Y. 10017

Greg Hersch brings over 15 years of investment and wealth management experience to the firm. As a well-known client advocate and trusted advisor, he has helped his clients weather challenging financial markets and maximize opportunities in times of market growth. His advisory experience has proven essential to entrepreneurs seeking early stage growth capital and wealth management strategies upon liquidity events. For business owners considering sales, mergers and IPOs Greg couples advisory acumen with deep knowledge of how to best structure these transactions in order to protect and transfer wealth.

As Florence Capital CEO, Greg guides the overall strategic direction of the firm and sets the vision for excellence in client relationships. Using his own family and personal capital as the model, Greg directs the team on investment strategy, including asset allocation, product selection, due diligence and both traditional and alternative investments.

With several recognition awards, including Financial Times’ “Top 400 Advisors” for three consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015), Barron’s “Top 1200 Financial Advisors” (2014, 2015), and REP. Magazine’s “Top Ten Wirehouse Advisors Under 40” (2015), among others, Greg has established himself as a trusted, industry-leading advisor both with his clients and in the financial services industry as a whole.

Prior to founding Florence Capital, Greg was a Senior Vice President with UBS Financial Services and Vice President with Smith Barney. A Certified Investment Management Analyst®, Greg earned his B.A. Degree in History at Georgetown University.

An avid volunteer at a young age, Greg started serving in the community when he was just 13, inspired by his mother’s volunteer work. He has served on the Board of Trustees of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club for more than 10 years and is also the former chair of its Investment Committee for endowment and scholarship funds.

A highly sought after board member, Greg currently sits on the Board of Directors for two private enterprises: HALO Maritime Defense Systems, a maritime security company, and Modern Guild, a mentoring organization that focuses on career preparation for college and high school students.

Outside of his work at Florence Capital, Greg is an accomplished golfer and member at Quaker Ridge Golf Club. He lives in Manhattan with his beloved Labrador retriever, Bear, and enjoys travel, golf, yoga and playing the guitar.

At Florence Capital Advisors, our core focus is on delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are distinguished by elite service, long-term collaborative relationships and trust. Nothing is more important than giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from advice that is insightful and appropriate. Nothing is more indicative of our expertise than to produce performance that is consistently delivered throughout a market cycle.

We appreciate the unique relationship between clients’ personal assets and their business assets, and assist in managing both. We are adept at assisting entrepreneurs at all phases of business ownership, from raising capital and making introduction to key partners and investors, through monetization of assets and advising on a sale, merger or IPO in order to protect and transfer wealth. Throughout, we are cognizant and appreciative of how business strategies impact personal wealth and assist clients in creating the tailored solutions to serve the owners’ goals for capital preservation, estate planning, or charitable giving

Corporate leaders face unique wealth challenges and opportunities surrounding complicated compensation packages, stock positions and planning for retirement or other transitions. At Florence Capital Advisors, we understand the distinct characteristics of corporate wealth and guide clients through the various stages of executive life with comprehensive, thoughtful planning and advice

Effectively structured to operate as a family office serving family offices, we have intimate knowledge of the issues, challenges and opportunities our clients face. We are trusted to manage their portfolios in the way we would manage our own, building solid relationships with clients’ lawyers, accountants and business managers to effect appropriate wealth management solutions.

Family foundations and endowments have specific needs regarding investments, while simultaneously monitoring costs, managing compliance and board member expectations, and balancing other unique issues. Our understanding of the specific needs of foundations and endowments, gleaned through multiple board memberships, enables us to address these particular concerns while producing outstanding results for these organizations.

Our investment approach is rooted in collaboration to ensure a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, future goals and appetites for risk. It’s only then that we can devise a custom asset allocation strategy that delivers results. Our investment philosophy balances asset allocation, tax efficiency and cost effectiveness with goal-driven investing. Ongoing communication assures flexibility and agility to meet changing market conditions as well as changes in your personal situation and goals.

Capital Preservation and Risk Management

At Florence Capital Advisors, our goal is to design strategies and diversify portfolios to reduce risk and enhance return over the long-term. Our emphasis is on risk budgeting and managing for risk, not on short-term portfolio performance. We’ve found that thoughtful, progressive strategies deliver best for sustained long-term capital preservation.

Simple Solutions and Asset Allocation

Simplicity is indeed elegance. Simplifying the investment process and the products used is a hallmark of how the firm approaches investing. Adherence to prudent risk management principles, unbiased macroeconomic research and attention to behavioral finance principles drives asset allocation.

Professional Portfolio Management

Expertise in portfolio management is best illustrated by our record of performance.  At Florence Capital Advisors, it is backed by rigorous due diligence, intimate familiarity with the markets, experience and a long-term perspective. We use a combination of in-house and carefully vetted external managers as appropriate, to ensure our clients’ portfolios remain relevant and appropriate as their needs evolve over time.

Global Resources

An essential benefit for clients is that, as an independent firm, we have the ability to source an unlimited variety of investment opportunities and advanced thought leadership from around the world.

image-solutions Your work, your lifestyle, your life require solutions that are crafted to your needs and your goals, because they are unique.  Florence Capital was founded to help you create the solutions that meet your needs.


We work with a number of global financial resources to provide you with margin and non-purpose loans covering art, aircraft, mortgages and other more complex lending needs.


We protect your wealth with both traditional and private placement life insurance as well as variable annuities, where appropriate.


The key to preparing and executing large monetization events such as pre and post IPO planning, block trades, 144 sales, and business transfers requires a solid cash flow analysis and a planned and skillfully executed liquidity strategy, which we specialize in.


Concentrated portfolios is always part of wealth accumulation. How do you protect it? By using sophisticated hedging and diversification strategies, we can help you mitigate the inherent risks of concentrated portfolios and individual holding.

Strategies for Growing and Preserving Wealth

Free from corporate mandates, we now have the liberty to offer clients a variety of unique and effective strategies in such areas as tax-favored investments and insurance, alternative investments and private equity. Our network of opportunity connects clients to the industry’s leading experts in financial services, giving clients assurance that whatever and however complex their need, Florence Capital Advisors can meet it with appropriateness, timeliness and performance.

Wealth Transfer

Florence Capital Advisors has extensive experience advising clients on the optimal wealth transfer strategies, including charitable giving and trust and estate planning, to achieve their goals. We work closely with clients’ estate planning attorneys and other experts to help minimize tax exposure and maximize family harmony as wealth passes from one generation to another. We also assist clients in crafting and administering business succession plans.

Liquidity Strategies

Integral to each client relationship is a collaborative development to ensure proper liquidity for current requirements, new investment opportunities and unexpected emergencies. Whether you want to explore a new business opportunity or employ complex trading strategies, we work in partnership with you to craft those liquidity solutions that help you to achieve your most important goals.

Private Equity Solutions

For clients seeking to raise capital, we offer advice on sourcing strategies in both the public and private markets. Our extensive contacts in the financial services industry assure fruitful introductions to key strategic partners and investors.

Private Placement Life Insurance and Private Placement Variable Annuities

A proponent of tax-efficient strategies, Florence Capital Advisors advocates the use of private placement life insurance (PPLI) and Private Placement Variable Annuities to help clients grow capital while mitigating tax liabilities. This tool is often used in conjunction with complex planning strategies and philanthropy as a powerful estate planning tool.


Given the burgeoning pace of technology, a wide spectrum of specialty firms have emerged that offer advanced financial planning tools, expanded access to products and investment opportunities and back-office services to support independent firms like Florence Capital Advisors. Our partnerships with these specialists in the financial services industry give our clients access to a fully-integrated platform created to meet sophisticated objectives. We leverage and customize the right products and services for specific needs, providing a boutique client experience with global-scale resources.

  • EMoney Advisor provides technology and services that enable financial professionals to deliver scalable advice and build collaborative relationships with clients. Through the emX Product Suite, eMoney’s technology delivers a seamless digital wealth management experience anchored in an award-winning client portal, dynamic financial planning, powerful and protected data aggregation, deep integrations, robust analytics and more.

  • Winged Keel Group

    Winged Keel Group is an independent life insurance brokerage firm that seeks to create and implement customized, multi-generational wealth accumulation and wealth transfer strategies for ultra high net worth families. We specialize in the structuring and administration of large life insurance and annuity portfolios that enable our clients to achieve their financial goals.

  • Addepar is the financial operating system designed to bring common sense and ethical, data-driven investing to our financial world. Addepar handles all types of assets in any currency so investors and advisors have a clearer financial picture at every level, all in one place. With customizable reporting, financial managers can visualize and communicate relevant information to anyone who needs it. Secure, scalable, and fast, Addepar is purpose-built to power the global financial system. With offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago and Salt Lake City, Addepar works with more than 200 single and multi-family offices, wealth advisors, large financial institutions, endowments and foundations representing more than $500 billion assets under management.


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