At Florence Capital Advisors, our core focus is on delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are distinguished by elite service, long-term collaborative relationships and trust. Nothing is more important than giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from advice that is insightful and appropriate. Nothing is more indicative of our expertise than to produce performance that is consistently delivered throughout a market cycle.

We appreciate the unique relationship between clients’ personal assets and their business assets, and assist in managing both. We are adept at assisting entrepreneurs at all phases of business ownership, from raising capital and making introduction to key partners and investors, through monetization of assets and advising on a sale, merger or IPO in order to protect and transfer wealth. Throughout, we are cognizant and appreciative of how business strategies impact personal wealth and assist clients in creating the tailored solutions to serve the owners’ goals for capital preservation, estate planning, or charitable giving

Corporate leaders face unique wealth challenges and opportunities surrounding complicated compensation packages, stock positions and planning for retirement or other transitions. At Florence Capital Advisors, we understand the distinct characteristics of corporate wealth and guide clients through the various stages of executive life with comprehensive, thoughtful planning and advice

Effectively structured to operate as a family office serving family offices, we have intimate knowledge of the issues, challenges and opportunities our clients face. We are trusted to manage their portfolios in the way we would manage our own, building solid relationships with clients’ lawyers, accountants and business managers to effect appropriate wealth management solutions.

Family foundations and endowments have specific needs regarding investments, while simultaneously monitoring costs, managing compliance and board member expectations, and balancing other unique issues. Our understanding of the specific needs of foundations and endowments, gleaned through multiple board memberships, enables us to address these particular concerns while producing outstanding results for these organizations.